Sheryl has done life care planning and case management for many of my patients. Her case management is exceptional. She gives hope and finds resources for people in extremely difficult life situations.

Judy Gooch, MD




The staff at Aratai International are practicing clinicians, economists, and data analysts who have experience working with physicians, hospital administrators, third party administrators, health insurance executives, self-funded organizations, Taft-Hartley organizations, insurance consultants, and re-insurance carriers. With business training, six sigma certifications, and data analytics experts, Aratai can help you assess your financial, operational, and market performance and institute new innovations to improve your business outcomes.

Other services provided to businesses are:

Risk Management

Aratai’s expertise in risk mitigation strategies come from thousands of hours of litigation, expert witness, and consultancy for insurance and government agencies. These strategies, once implemented, will indemnify your organization against a myriad of common pitfalls.

Business Development

If you are looking to expand, decrease staff, or add new products, we can help. Our business consultants have helped our clients increase profits and surpass organizational goals.

Operations Analysis

If you want to improve your operations and allocate appropriate resources to every part of your process, we can help. We will gather information, communicate with staff, and study the process to better identify what works and what areas need to be improved or eliminated.

International Healthcare Consulting

Aratai helps to create networks and programs for ex-pat and foreign-born employees for international companies. We also assist healthcare organizations who wish to expand into international markets and international healthcare clients improve performance or develop new strategies.  

Physician Group Consulting

Aratai can offer data analytics, forensic financial and claims evaluation, process improvement, policy and procedure development, recruitment, contract negotiation, compliance, and healthcare market and feasibility studies.

Medical Expense Management

The team at Aratai are experts in the field of medical expense management after acquiring over 30 years of experience providing utilization management, case management, disease management, population health, and claims auditing.

Team Building with Six Sigma Quality Improvement

Aratai International has certified Six Sigma specialists who can assist in quality improvement strategies for business process and service advancement.

Data Analysis

Aratai international provides big and small data analytics, predictive modeling, and machine learning strategies for all health organizations including providers, insurers, and third-party administrators, and self-funded companies.

Education, Training, and Seminars

Aratai offers customizable programs to train, educate, and support your team’s needs.

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