Sheryl has done life care planning and case management for many of my patients. Her case management is exceptional. She gives hope and finds resources for people in extremely difficult life situations.

Judy Gooch, MD




Sheryl and her team of life care planners and assistants create Life Care Plans for expert legal testimony, long-term care insurers, workers compensation insurers, and private clients. Life Care Plans can be used to set aside financial reserves or as part of a legal proceeding to help assess the damages in a case. Sheryl has over 20 years of experience testifying in medical malpractice and personal injury cases and is highly experienced in the medico-legal arena.

Sometimes a full Life Care Plan is not needed, but a Future Medical Expense Report is more appropriate to price out the future care recommended by a physician. We are experts in pricing future medical care recommendations according to the usual, reasonable, and customary charges for the area in which the patient lives.

Other services provided to attorneys are:

Completing insurance fraud and bad faith analysis and detection, provider and payer

With over 31 years of experience working in the health insurance and self-funded arena. Sheryl and her team are experts in determining insurance fraud and bad faith.

Providing a network of expert witness/testifying experts

Use our network of expert nurses, doctors, pharmacists, therapists, and allied health providers, who are actively working in their fields of expertise and current on medical techniques and technologies.

Processing and reporting on Medicare set-asides

We are experienced and certified Medicare Set-Aside specialists and provide comprehensive and accurate reports for workers compensation and liability cases.

Collaborating with attorneys in interviewing key witnesses and healthcare providers

Time is money, so let your Aratai team put years of medical training and clinical experience to work in deciphering and critiquing the relevant medical testimony.

Conditional payment review, with reporting and disputation to first and second level appeals

We can audit and verify conditional payments for cases that originate from a specific personal injury incident, then report to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and dispute, and appeal for final demand as needed.

Medical record analysis to evaluate case merits

We’ll provide a review of your case merits by analyzing and assessing the relevant medical records and assessing the damages/injuries and factors that contributed.

Prepare an independent medical examination with a physician (IME)

It can be difficult to find a physician who is willing to perform an IME and testify in court. With our panel of experts we can help find the expert to enhance your case.

Provide an independent medical examination with nurse attendance

An IME can be daunting for clients, especially if they face a hostile medical provider.  Our experienced case managers can guarantee adherence to all civil codes of procedure and protect your client from revealing information that may alter the outcome of your case.

Case management (nurse and social worker)

As your client is going through the legal process, they still need to access medical care, and this can be difficult for many reasons.  Our expert team of medical case managers are here to help.

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